6 new 2024 World Champions!

2024 UTA Online World Championship was held March 11, 2024 and Desert Taekwondo had 6 students win World Champion titles in their respective divisions.

Please congratulate the competitors who won 1st place (World Champion) in these black belt division at the United Taekwondo Alliance 2024 Online World Championship. The hard work and dedication has paid off with this prestigious award!

Grand Master Brian Malm – Traditional Patterns 7th Degree Black Belt and above

Nicholas Villard – Traditional Patterns age10-11 Boys 2nd Degree Black Belt

Mikey Wolf – Traditional Patterns age 14-15 Boys Recommended/PreCandidate Black Belts

Sophia Leach – Traditional Patterns age 16-17 Girls 3rd Degree Black Belt

Sophia Leach – Traditional Weapons age 16-18 Girls Black Belt

Brenden Ashby – Traditional Patterns age 18-35 Men 1st Degree Black Belt

Andrew Petterson – Traditional Patterns age 55+ Men 1st Degree Black Belt

We are proud of all of you!

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