Great testing!

Congratulations to the students who tested at Desert Taekwondo!

After three months of hard work, concentration, and perspiration everyone demonstrated great focus and energy to gain promotion to the next rank. To the casual onlooker they see confident children and adults who appear to be super focused and move with grace and speed. Most don’t know or realize the months of hard work and training you have put in to be ready for this one day. Testing is part of training. You prepare for what you expect and then face the unknown. It is this preparation and facing our fears that helps us to grow and improve. We grow mentally tougher because we learn to stay focused and learn to perform under pressure. We grow emotionally by learning to over come our fears and become confident. We grow physically stronger by learning to endure when our bodies feel like quitting. In a word, we IMPROVE.

Improvement is important because with out it you become stagnant. The colored belts are merely an outward symbol of the mental and physical growth and maturity that transpires. You don’t get a black belt – you BECOME one! You earn it and deserve it from the experience you gain travelling the long road of dedicated learning and practice. Testing is part of that experience and it carries itself into every facet of your life.


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