Here are answers to a few questions many people have when they first hear about Taekwondo and are considering taking classes at our school.

What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a martial art from Korea, and it is very similar to Karate in many ways. It originated from Shaolin monks who introduced martial arts to Korea during the fourth century, which evolved into the early form of Taekwondo called Tae Kyon. These Korean monks eventually passed their skills on the the general public during the 7th century for self-protection. In 1910, the Japanese invaded Korea, and in an attempt to destroy their national identity, the practice of Tae Kyon was prohibited. Because of this, many Koreans left and traveled to China and Japan where they could work and practice Tae Kyon. While there, they were introduced to and studied other forms of martial arts. At the end of World War II, the Koreans were given back their home, and the Tae Kyon masters returned to their country. They combined what they had learned from afar and created the style which is taught today. In 1955, General Choi Hong Hi suggested the name Tae Kwon Do. Translated, it means, “The art of smashing with the hands and feet.” The name also had a very strong resemblance to Tae Kyon, and the Korean people accepted it as their national sport. Now, Taekwondo is very popular in the United States and the world, and is known to be as effective or even more effective in self-defense as any other martial art.

How can learning Taekwondo benefit me?

Taekwondo teaches self-control and discipline. You will gain more flexibility, balance, coordination, strength, and stamina, as well as how to defend yourself and your family.

How can learning Taekwondo help my children?

Through learning increased control of their bodies, children learn to control and respect themselves, resulting in greater self-esteem-known to be an important factor in promoting higher grades, respect for others, and improved behavior at home and at school. Children learn courtesy, perseverance, and how to aim for and achieve their goals.

How long will I have to study Taekwondo before I can use what I have learned to defend myself?

The basics which you will learn in your very first class will assist you if you need to defend yourself, and the more you practice, the better prepared you will be. Studies have shown that it requires between 120 and 150 hours of practice to make what you have learned a reaction. This means that after only six months to a year, you will be much better equipped to defend yourself because the techniques you will be taught will have become second nature.

Specialized children’s program!

Desert Taekwondo is proud of its children’s program. Each child receives individualized attention in a beginning class structured just for them, while being consistently encouraged to better themselves in all areas of their lives.

When can I start?

In our ongoing program, new students are brought into the beginner’s class and taught each technique privately, but in a group setting. After just a few classes, new students are far enough advanced to do everything with the rest of the beginner’s class. The best time to start is right now!

Family Discounts!

Desert Taekwondo does its best to keep the cost low, especially for families. Our low rates are discounted even further for more than one student from the same family. Please contact us for more information on current rates.

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