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NEW Sparring classes for children!

To maintain the high standards and quality at Desert Taekwondo we have added 2 new 30 minute sparring classes! The classes are in between the Intermediate and Advanced Children on Tuesday and Thursday. The times are 5:30 for Intermediate Children (green & blue belt) and 6:00 for Advanced Children (red & black belt) from 6:00-6:30 creating a half hour overlap sparring class. The 5:30 class will dismiss at 6:00 to get sparring gear on and then all green belts and up will join together for a combined 30 minute sparring class! At 6:30 the Intermediate Children will be dismissed and the Advanced will remove their sparring gear to work on forms, self defense, etc.  Please bring your sparring gear to every Tuesday and Thursday class!  The classes were previously 45 minutes long and we have lengthened the time to 1 hour adding 30 minutes of training each week. Saturday classes are not affected and will stay the same 45 minute classes for now.

We are certain that the added classes will increase the quality of each student by giving them more individualized attention and practice.

Please follow the new schedule that goes into effect this Monday on December 1st, 2014.

Please see NEW updated Schedule for 2016!!!

2014 NEW schedule COLOR Sparring class advanced kids

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