8th Dan Promotion

Congratulations to Senior Master Brian R. Malm, 8th Dan.

On Saturday August 23, 2014 Grand Master Robert Dunn the founder of the Jun Tong Taekwondo Federation tested Brian R. Malm for 8th degree black belt during regular testing. He was planning a 25th Anniversary of Desert Taekwondo Demonstration when GM Dunn told the audience he was turning the demonstration into his test. The crowd and students were excited to see the precision, power, and grace demonstrated by Senior Master Brian R. Malm.  His test included several patterns, one steps, weapon self defense, and he broke 25 boards to commemorate 25 years in business! The breaks included a 7 foot high jump hook kick, 540 hook kick speed break, jump twin front kick, triple front kick, triple round kick, split kick + round triple kick, quadruple kick = front-front-round-hook, 7 board side kick, and a spear finger break through 1 board.



Desert Taekwondo and Senior Master Malm are featured this month on the Blue Cottage website! It is the PREMIER website for Chang Hon Taekwondo!

www.bluecottagetkd.com/FEATURED.html  <– click link to read article.




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