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JTF Officers

Today at the end of a fantastic test at Desert Taekwondo – Grand Master Robert Dunn (founder of the JTF = Jun Tong Taekwondo Federation) announced that he is appointing new officers and re-organizing the JTF. He is making Desert Taekwondo in Tucson, Arizona, USA the International Headquarters for the JTF and appointed Senior Master Brian Malm as the President, Senior Master Mark Plante as the Vice-President, and Master Gary Smith as the Secretary/Treasurer.

We are looking forward to helping the founder build a non political organization that is committee driven to keep traditional Taekwon-Do to a high standard while keeping costs low and the priority on training. We aim to preserve the teachings of General Choi Hong Hi and his vision of Taekwon-Do through both his Encyclopedias and his patterns.

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